Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Secret Volcano Base: The New Era

It's been some time since I have posted to this here blog. But for the fist time in a while, I have some thoughts brewing in my head that I want to share.

I am still playing Fantasy Craft, but I am sort of past the "experimental" stage. It's matured into a nice workhorse of a fantasy RPG that is serving my group and I well.

This being the case, I shall soon turn my attention to other games on my horizon. I may even possibly start reviewing again. This is as good a place as any, though you may see the reviews repeated over at RPG.net. ENWorld is pretty much off the docket; the reviews page never really recovered from the port and the culture over there has evolved such that interest in anything I do will probably differ from mine extremely.

I will be looking at a few different games on my radar.

First, a GM in my group will be running Cublicle 7's Laundry RPG for us. For those who think that I am actually contemplating a gaming about washing my soiled linens, the game is actually based on a series of books by Charles Stross about a supernatural spy agency in the UK called the Laundry, after one of its original shell outfits. It's basically espionage in the universe of the Cthulhu mythos with some slightly altered assumptions about magic.

After a very successful GenCon, my interest in the FATE system has been re-invigorated. I am toying with the possibility of reviewing some FATE offerings, the newest of which is the gritty space opera adventure game Bulldogs! Those with a keen memory of third party D20 products will remember that there was a d20 game by that name; this new game is based one the FATE system but uses fundamentally the same setting. It's very pretty and I can't wait to talk about it.

As part of this experiment, I hope to also do a comparative glance at two other FATE-based SF games, Diaspora and Starblazer Adventures.


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